Clinical training

Clinical training

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     The Center of Excellence for Medical Genomics has always trained MSc and PhD students ever since our establishment. As of October 2020 we estimate that we have produced 8 MSc and 13 PhD students, the majority of whom have produced at least one publication in various international peer-reviewed journals during their time with us. Prospective students are welcome to contact the laboratory or our senior members who are faculty members of Chulalongkorn University to discuss the possibility of carrying out research degrees with us. Potential projects are continually available, the majority of which will focus on discovery or characterization of novel disease genes; however, we are always open to other topics. Both wet lab- and dry lab-based projects can be accommodated.

     The majority of our students enrolled in the following programs offered by Chulalongkorn University: MSc in Medical Sciences, PhD in Medical Sciences, and PhD in Biomedical Science. Prospective students should consult Chulalongkorn University’s graduate study website (

     Various funding and studentships are available through Chulalongkorn University, such as the Second Century Fund (C2F) for MSc-PhD and PhD studies, the 100th Anniversary Chulalongkorn University for Doctoral Scholarship, and Teaching Assistants (TA) scholarships. Please consult for more details.

     Personal and career development opportunities are provided, including being a speaker at our annual genomics conference, presentation of research in local and international conferences, and annual lab retreats.

Clinical training
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