Sequencing Facility


Next-Generation Sequencing Core facility

The Center of Excellence for Medical Genomics’s Sequencing Core Facility is an established specialized laboratory dedicated to measuring and

analyzing DNA and RNA strains unique for biological processes at ultra-deep level. Currently, the lab is equipped with a Sequel II, Sequel I, NextSeq 500 sequencing system and 10x Chromium. 


At the Sequencing Facility, we are providing access to the latest technologies, with consultation and Q&A research available throughout the design and execution of sequencing projects.


Our lab currently employs the following sequencing platforms and single cell  molecular barcoding technology.

PacBio Sequencing Technology

PacBio Sequel II                     PacBio Sequel I

Illumina Sequencing Technology

NextSeq 500

Molecular barcoding Next GEM Technology

10x Chromium

Sequencing Facility
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